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Did you know there is less than one doctor for every 1,000 inhabitant in Guatemala? In some villages, no doctor is available at all. Unearth Hope is working with our in-country partners to provide basic healthcare services to populations that have limited or to no access.


The founding members of Unearth Hope began our relationship with Guatemalan communities through a pilot program of The United Methodist Church’s ZOE Project hosted by the Boca Costa Medical Mission.

Our work with ZOE in Guatemala led to establish relationships with our in-country partners: The Living Heritage Foundation and Halo Guatemala. Unearth Hope was founded when our board members decided they wanted to continue our partnerships and expand our services after the phasing out of the ZOE program in Guatemala.

Since our founding, we have worked with The Living Heritage Foundation to establish Mi Clínica, a mobile medical clinic to provide physical exams, women’s health services and education, eye exams, and adding dental services. Audiologists from Halo Guatemala provide audio screenings and hearing aids. We are looking to expand into the areas of mental health and violence prevention.

Unearth Hope’s philosophy is to form relationships with our partners that are supportive, open and honest, collaborative, and respectful. We seek to not only provide basic access to healthcare and health education, but to actively engage communities by involving them in improving their own health and the lives of their families and neighbors. We look to our in-country partners to guide us on how we can best be of assistance.

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