Sarah Bacik


Sarah Bacik is the President and part of the founding family of Unearth Hope. Sarah's microbiology experience drives her to seek out the root cause of any situation. In this case, understanding that health and access to quality healthcare … Read More

Shannon Marie Berry

Director of Operations

Shannon Marie Berry is the Director of Operations for Unearth Hope. Her guiding principles are grace, love, and authenticity. Having experience in system building, medicine, and theology, she brings a diverse set of skills to our work. … Read More

Eleanor Armstrong

Board of Directors, Treasurer

Eleanor is part of the founding family of Unearth Hope and serves as our Board Treasurer. On team trips, she helps provide eyewear to individuals. … Read More

Martin Armstrong

Board of Directors, Lead Ambassador

Martin is part of the founding family of Unearth Hope. He has a particular interest in providing better vision to the people in Guatemala. … Read More

Jenny Collins

Board of Directors, Secretary & Healthcare Consultant

Jenny is a Nurse Practitioner and Secretary of the Board. On team trips, she provides wellness checks in our clinic. … Read More

Melissa Harrell

Board of Directors, Mental Health Consultant

Melissa is our Mental Health Consultant and member of the Board. On team trips, with the assistance of an interpreter, she empowers women through menstruation education using Days for Girls kits and materials. … Read More

Nicole Stewart

Board of Directors

Nicole has served on our Board in several capacities. When in Guatemala, she assists in the administration of medicines. … Read More

Andrew Armstrong

Board of Directors

Andrew is part of the founding family of Unearth Hope. He has helped with technical side of web building and maintenance. … Read More

Melissa Vera

Board of Directors

Melissa is a member of the Board and social media expert. … Read More